The 3 Forces of Nature that Bind Us to Experience

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There are 3 forces, qualities, or modalities of nature and existence known as Gunas. These 3 Gunas bind us to experience. Sattva Guna is the highest, manifesting in one's life as happiness, peace, creativity and fulfillment. Rajas Guna includes qualities of activity, determination, restlessness and anger. The lowest and densest of these is Tamas Guna, seen in those in states of inertia, boredom, shame, fear and guilt. Most people will exhibit qualities of all Gunas at one time or another, but generally operate primarily in one of two. Freedom exists when one lives beyond all of the Gunas, in the Natural State, which is even beyond the pleasant and peaceful Sattva Guna. In this satsang, Master Mindo explains how to recognize these forces, and how to overcome and live beyond them.

Format: Video
Duration: 1:11:44

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