Relationship Course, Module 1: Divine Love and Connections

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How you live and how you relate are synonymous! Stop, and reflect for a moment: Is the story of your relationship causing you suffering? Are you willing to dismantle your identity as one in a relationship? What do you perceive as yourself and what do you perceive as the other?

Throughout the four pre-recorded video sessions, you will be introduced to the Twelve States of the Heart and the Map of Spirituality, two extremely useful contemporary tools that teach us how life functions. These powerful tools in question help you discover and bring awareness to all of your strategies of survival-however subtle or gross-that unconsciously create unnecessary suffering. This course essentially makes you recognize a call to something much deeper. This is usually the unavoidable path stretching from self-hatred or deep conditioning, to the path of self-love and freedom. Ultimately this course shall guide you to see yourself beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, beyond the energies, bringing you closer and closer to who you truly are!

Format: Video

Duration: 4 Sessions, 56:10 min, 1:03:57 h, 1:01:26 h, 1:08:38 h

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