Kundalini Activation & Chakra Balancing | Healing Session & Transmission

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This is more than a healing session! In fact, through this powerful guided purification and attunement practice, you will be able to realign yourself with your highest potential in this NOW moment. At this time, high vibrational energies are showering our planet causing an unprecedented acceleration and change of events. These high vibrational energies need to be properly assimilated, if they are not, we may feel overwhelmed, ungrounded, and anxious because there is too much to process at any given moment. Just like any instrument, our body vehicle and the energy system needs to be maintained and re-attuned on a regular basis. Perfecting the body-mind mechanism entails the clearing and releasing of our densities, old, stuck energies so that we can sustain a higher consciousness. The more we are able to maintain health, balance, and harmony the more we are able to sustain a higher consciousness. We live in unique times when the raw feminine Shakti-force is reawakening on the planet, within humanity as a whole, and also within each one of us. The reawakening of this Shakti force through specific life-force energy practices opens the door to many dimensions within us. When the Kundalini force awakens at the base of the spine, it directly affects the sacral-sexual energy centre, also the seat of the dark aspect of sexual energy. Humanity has been deeply enmeshed with this dark-sexual force for a very long time. The intention of this attunement and transmission is to clear the dysfunctions, impurities, and distortions present in the lower energy centres so that we can maintain a higher consciousness and recalibrate our reality.

Format: Video

Duration: 1:40:20min.

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