Hidden Dynamics of the Levels of Consciousness Revealed!

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Advancements in consciousness come with our Inner Light shining forth, increasingly revealing deeper levels of our being. It is helpful to understand this process so that you can move through it as easily as possible, as well as know where you are in the process of awakening. The first step is to awaken from the linear mind to a higher consciousness, or Inner Light. With this realization, we recognize that there is an inner space beyond the thoughts, resulting in more inner peace. Further transformation happens by bringing light into this inner space - this is called a spiritual awakening. However, this awakening is only the beginning of an evolutionary journey into the Source of All That Is. Mindo breaks down this journey, dispelling some of the misunderstandings about this process, and reveals the hidden dynamics of the levels of consciousness.

Format: Video
Duration: 1:21:17

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