What are Levels of Consciousness?

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Many people are not quite sure what Levels of Consciousness really means, or how progression up the scale happens. In this article we will explain the key concept of what Level of Consciousness is.
The Levels of Consciousness (LOC) can be hard to grasp unless you have first hand experience moving through a significant part of the scale, or having experienced significant jumps up the scale. The most common pattern we’ve found after calibrating many hundreds of people who are into meditation, self-empowerment and personal development etc, is that they tend to come into this life somewhere in the LOC 300’s. Since the average level until recently has been significantly lower than that, the common thing we see is that after birth the LOC starts to descend towards the average level, and many times it even goes far below the average level because of the “negative momentum” the descent has created.
When the pure consciousness of a newborn baby is exposed to the “polluted” Mass Consciousness, the person takes in more and more of the dysfunctional belief-systems and programming from the Programmed and Reactive Mind of the Mass Consciousness, and from authority figures around him/her. The descent down the Levels of Consciousness continues until a bottom point is reached. This is the point where you’ve “had enough”, and you start to take back control of your life from the Programmed and Reactive Mind of the Mass Consciousness. This is where you start to “clean up your act” vibrationally, and think and act more independently from the influence of the dysfunctional low-level “norm” of the Mass Consciousness. This is the great turning point many people fitting this profile have experienced in their lives.
Then starts the ascend up the ladder of consciousness and for many this has been a hard climb to say the least. Maybe you’ve gone through severe illness or maybe you’ve had your heart severely broken time and time again. This is how life keeps pushing your buttons and breaks you more and more open as you progress up the Levels of Consciousness. Since many people misunderstand what it means to progress up the scale we will use an analogy to describe it.

The Ocean of Consciousness Analogy

Imagine all Levels of Consciousness (LOC) as the layers of the ocean. Below LOC 200 it is so deep that no sunlight reaches down to that level. This layer of the ocean is filled with bottom feeders and all sorts of weird creatures fumbling around in the dark. People born into and “native” to this level will think it’s all natural to be in the dark. However, people born at higher levels who have gradually descended to this the sub 200 level will have an inkling that “something is not right”. They will remember deep inside that something else is possible.
Right above 200s is a different world that is still dim, but at least enough sunlight comes through so that shadows and silhouettes are visible. Navigating towards the light is now possible, and it’s easier to avoid being preyed upon. Life is still hard and full of struggle in 200’s, but at least you now have the opportunity to move towards the light, whereas below 200s you hardly remembered that there was even such a thing as light. It all seemed hopeless and unchangeable.
What are Levels of Consciousness
Moving up the Levels of Consciousness has little to do with reading books or intellectual knowledge. It has everything to do with removing dysfunctional core-beliefs and thus creating space for more of the light of Consciousness to shine through unfiltered. For example, if you go around expecting a lot from other people you will be disappointed and angry again and again. You will be caught up in all sorts of dramas on the surface “story level” of what is happening. However, if you simply remove the “core belief” of having expectations, suddenly all the anger, disappointment and drama on the surface will disappear. You will live in a totally different world because you just shifted your Level of Consciousness dramatically.
As we descend down the levels of consciousness after birth our vision becomes more and more distorted by all the dysfunctional beliefs we pick up along the way that become lodged deep inside us. Progress up the Levels of Consciousness is all about removing dysfunctional core-beliefs. As they go they are automatically replaced by the inherent correct vision in alignment with how our Higher Self sees it. As you move into the 300’s and even 400’s you will start to see things more clearly and in detail. It’s still well below the surface of the ocean, but a lot more light comes through here, and life feels much more supported and a lot more enjoyable than at the lower levels.
When you reach the 500’s and even lower 600’s you are basically swimming around right below the surface in almost full daylight. This is where the real mystery can start to happen. In glimpses you will no longer identify with the body, but rather with the ocean of consciousness itself. As you progress even higher, and breach the surface in the 700’s and beyond, you will paradoxically realize that you were the ocean all along. All the levels were contained within you.

Changing the TV Channel

Progress up the scale is not about how much you “know”, but rather about removing ingrained “knowledge” that is distorting your vision and blocking your light. Each main level of consciousness is like a different TV channel. When you change your level of consciousness you are literally changing the “TV channel” that is playing out your life. If you like horror then stay below 200, if you prefer drama the 200’s and 300’s are good for that, but if you prefer light comedy I recommend the higher 400’s and the 500’s. If you want it all at once without really being touched by it, then move into the bandwidth of 700s to 1000.
Each level contains certain “lessons” that will repeat until you’ve learned them. This is called Karmic or Mind’s Conditioning. Then you move out of that level and into the next one. It’s kind of like a School of Life with different classes and levels. The lower level lessons are usually harder and less subtle than the higher level lessons. To progress as quickly as possible you need to re-prioritize your life in such a way that movement up the scale becomes your number one priority.


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