New Humanity School

Teacher Training Course 100hrs ( Module 1 )

Learn How to: 

  • Help others to Open New Consciousness

  • Teach People in Group Settings and One-on-One
  • Be in Presence to hold the space for healing

  • Measure Levels of Consciousness of your Students

  • Create Classes and Workshops

  • Development of Consciousness

  • Map of Spirituality

  • The Path of the Heart

  • Create a Skype Coaching Session

  • Work with Energy

  • Emotional Healing

  • Teach 5 Tibetan Rites and High Vibrational Diet

  • Guide Meditations 

  • Create a Marketing plan for your Work


This is for you if you want:

  • To Become a New Humanity School Certified Teacher and create love & peace to all

  • Help to Uplift Consciousness of Humanity into the New Awakened State

  • To ignite and spread the Light

  • To cultivate your Intuitive Self

  • To Be Empowered to create and hold space for yourself and others 

  • To Be the change you want to see in the world today

  • To Support people on their path

  • To Meet and bring together beings like you

  • To Create a community in your hometown and country or wherever you travel

  • To Share your knowledge and light for the highest benefit of all

  • To know you are an unlimited creator 

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New Humanity Teacher Training Course Program

The Levels of Consciousness

What is New Humanity Consciousness

Levels of Consciousness

Development of Consciousness Introduction

Vortex of Life Introduction

Kinesiology Introduction

Measurement Practices

Meditation and Purification Practices

Beginners Meditations

Inner Space Meditations

Life Force Energy Meditations

Letting Go Meditations

Inner Light Meditations

Inner Sun Amrita Nadi the Heart on the Right Meditation

Additional Meditations

The Art of Emotional & Mental Intelligence

Mindfulness Practices

Emotional Intelligence Development

Human Energy System

7 Chakras
Personal Torus Energy Field

Life Force Energy

Kundalini Shakti Energy

The 3 Nadis

Inner Sun Amrita Nadi

The Path of the Heart

12 States of the Heart

High Vibrational Physical Practices

& Diet

5 Tibetan Rites Programme
Alkaline Diet
Nutritional Supplements

Creating and Holding the Space

for Teaching and Healing

Clearing and Setting the Space

Setting Intentions, How to Hold Space and to be Present

Connecting with Inner Guides and Using Cards

Protection from Negative Energies and clearing before and after the session

Working with Crystals, Tachyons, Pozitrons and Orginites for High Vibrational Space

Teaching People

The Program of Transformation

How to Structure a Private Session

Continue Training


Video Recording of Practical Sessions with other TTC students

Journaling and making Bullet Points of key materials


Code of Conduct & TTC Agreement 

Issuing a New Humanity School Certificate

Marketing Plan and Assistance for your Work

Branding, Marketing and Media Materials of New Humanity School

Advice on Social Media, Website, Branding, Prints

Post Training Support

& Integration Package

Listing on New Humanity School website in Certified Teachers Section

Assistance in creating a local New Humanity Community

Private Support Group for New Humanity Teachers for Questions/Answers


An International School founded in the Islands of Malta, providing education about Levels of Consciousness, Effective Practices and integrating New Science for the New Era of Humanity.


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