Nicole  Opening to Presence and Bliss

Renata B  Opening to Presence (Gozo)

“If you feel that you have to do something… and you’re looking for someone to change your life… probably you’re looking for yourself, and Mindo can guide you into that Self.”

Abigail Borg (Malta)

I have just started working with Mindo and it is clear that my energy has shifted already. I feel blessed to have experienced a Full Conciseness Transmission which was a turning point in my work towards self-realization. Mindo’s pure white frequency cleansing and activating my energy opened a whole new world to be “presently enjoyed”. Mindo is a unique teacher who’s simple, clear guidance can be easily followed even by the beginner.

Reine Kabban (Lebanon)

I remember one particular session where she channeled Anandamayi Ma. I'd never felt that energy from Lyonne before. It was as if she had a personal connection with her and could bring her to us so easily. It was the first time I truly felt Anandmayi Ma in her essence. It filled me deeply and brought tears of joy and peace. It was that moment my soul came through and shined. It was only through Lyonne's outpouring of that energy, that we were all able to have such a profound experience with Ma. Lyonne is such a clear channel.
After that session was over, Lyonne went back to her usual Self--still glorious, ever warm and inviting--and danced with us. She's completely unassuming, down to our level but bringing things from above and beyond.

Cameron C. (USA)

So far I have had 3 sessions with Master Mindo to raise my consciousness and remove blockages in my system. I must say that I am very impressed that in such a short time period the feelings of true positivity, bliss, peace, freedom, and happiness in my body have risen to levels that I can truly notice a change in my behaviors, my emotions, my way of thinking, and simply just feeling the subtle bodily sensations of an opening in my head that feels like a large amount of space was just made, warmth traveling up my spine and throughout my body, to name a few examples. I fully intend to continue raising my consciousness and inner love with Master Mindo’s help to my hopes of reaching 1000 on the Map of Spirituality or otherwise known as pure consciousness or full enlightenment. Thank you so much Master Mindo for teaching me and allowing me to be a student of yours. It is truly a joy and an honor.
Lyonne's sessions are so powerful! She is able to effortlessly guide you back to the full consciousness always available, showering you in love and compassion. Her sessions are like no other and recently experiencing a transmission through one of her spiritual teachers (Anandamayi Ma) was a deeply shifting experience.

Angie Mifsud (Malta)

I met Mindo last January and since then its been one big adventure which never stops amazing me. I’ve been having weekly sessions with Mindo since last April where each time I feel happier, lighter, freer and filled with love. I have a deeper connection with the world and the people in it, and people comment that I have a very good aura. I wouldn’t be genuine if I told you that challenges don’t come up, but I’ve learnt that these are only things which are ready to be healed. Mindo is very gentle and caring, and has the ability to meet you wherever you are in your journey, bringing you towards where you are meant to be.

Erica Olivia (UK)

I had been feeling lost for a while, searching for spiritual truth, when a friend introduced me to Lyonne. I first started watching her YouTube videos and really resonated with her way of explaining and guiding in such a gentle but direct way. It wasn’t confusing anymore. It was like finally I found my teacher. During the online sessions I feel so comfortable to open up, be vulnerable and honest in front of her. With her beautiful wisdom she gives me guidance to reach my highest potential. I am so grateful for meeting this real life goddess.

Evelina W. (Sweden)

Consciousness 370 to 530 in 2 Skype sessions

Before: I was in a point of my life when I was feeling very restless, not knowing where I wanted to live or what I wanted to work with. I felt that my mind was constantly trying to come up with the next great plan and that plan was going to make me happier and feel more relaxed. I was constantly looking for the next thing knowing that happiness can only be in the moment. But I was not happy where I was and could not be present. A friend of mine recommended I´d have a Skype session with Mindo, he thought that it would help me calm down a bit and make me feel whole. So I scheduled a meeting not knowing what it was going to be like or what we were going to talk about.
During: We connected online and I told Mindo about the above about my restless mind and the feeling of chasing after something that I was not sure about what it was. Wanting to be here and now but not being able to accomplish that. Mindo told me that I was not being connected to my higher self and that misconnection was causing these feelings. He suggested a guided meditation that would open me up and connect to my higher self.
So we started and did my best to relax and follow his instructions. Then all of a sudden I was filled with an energy and I could just feel that I was there -in the meditative state, no thoughts no feeling just pure being. I still listened to what Mindo was saying and noticed I had a huge smile on my face. I could definitely feel connected. So as we finished and I opened my eyes I felt my body in a very different way.
I cannot describe it I just felt different more filled with energy than before. A lightly buzzing but still calm happy energy. We finished the meditation and talk and that sate of happiness and wonder stayed with me for the rest of the evening.
After: I can still feel very connected, it is a difficult feeling to describe, it is more like a knowing and also I feel a very slight tingle at the back of my head. (Yes I realize this sounds very weird but it is the only way I can describe it.) The main benefit is that I feel much calmer. I am happy about being where I am and don´t let thoughts and feelings bother me in the same way. When worries arise I ask myself does this thought help me in the present moment, as mostly it does not, I can then let go of it.
I feel connected to my higher self, I am not entirely sure what that is, yet but it feels great. I am much happier and feel much more appreciative about small everyday things. Sure I am still making plans for the future and where to move next but now it feels more like an adventure and not like it has to be the solution to everything. I feel like a veil has been lifted and I am very thankful that my friend recommended a session with Mindo.

Odete Daniel’s (UK)

Consciousness 510 to 585 in 1 Skype session

My crown feels much easier I’m not getting so many headaches. I been self healing with my conscious awareness and feel more present. Thank you I’m a bit shocked you have helped me so easily it’s really nice not to feel so much hurt and pain. I have been feeling immense peace and gratitude and feeling as if all my emotional pain lifted off me. I feel really liberated and for the first time really free. Just so thankful and I do not have words to describe how it feels. Thank you for being u with all that you are! ❤️

Ivan’s (Croatia) Opening to his Higher Self

Ivan’s Testimonial of opening to his Higher Self after a Spiritual Opening Session with Mindo

Jan Lunde

The quickest and most direct way to our highest potential and real selves that I am aware of.
Meditating with Mindo and Lyonne is like meditation on steroids :-)
An amazing powerful retreat in Austria. It was a very deep and emotional healing experience. I feel so happy and look forward to more. The location was perfect and I connected with fantastic people. I feel truly blessed that I could be a part of Mindo and Lyonnes retreat as they both shared their gifts knowledge and love in such an effortless and loving way. We had so much fun and I have come away with practical tools that I can use in my daily life to help me, and my family on my journey.
My Life is changed forever, thank you both with all my heart. Blessings and Love Karen
Mindo and Lyonne's teaching became an essential guidance in my life. During the Satsang Bliss Retreat in Koh Phangan, Thailand I was able to feel the obvious limitations of my contracted self and gradually went beyond it. Life and reality opened up in a loving and blissful manner. I would sincerely recommend working with the New Humanity Center Malta to anyone who is looking to re-connect with their true nature. Blessings!
I would like to express a huge gratitude to these two amazing teachers! Every second of this beautiful retreat in Austria was filled with so much harmony, light and love! I came to this retreat with no expectation and got an enormous change in myself. I stopped to control my life and all the situations happening around me. I feel now very present and grounded and same time I have never experienced such a connection to the universe as I feel now. Thank you, dear Mindo and Lyonne, for helping me to see the light in me and around me and to face my fears. You organized for us a fantastic place and atmosphere and our days were so beautiful that I have now inspiration for a whole year! Looking forward to meet you again! LOVE
The retreat in Bali was an incredible and life changing experience. Both Mindo and Lyonne are very knowledgeable and dedicated. I have learnt so much from them! Thank you very much for the wonderful experience. PS I highly recommend the Meditation, Ascension and Satsang on Tuesdays with Mindo and Yoga on Thursdays and/or private sessions focusing on women's energy and spirituality with Lyonne.
I am so happy I went to the retreat. I see the world different now, more positive and with love, and I know that this is just the beginning of many life changing experiences. This was my first retreat of many to come. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! 
So blessed to be part of the Soulful Retreat in India 2018!! Lyonne and Mindo are so dedicated teachers. They deliver their knowledge with so much love and truly hold a very safe and sacred space to all the participants!! Will cherish this life changing experinece all my life!! Namaste !!
Through a series of synchronicities Master Mindo appeared in my life at just the right moment. My daily practice was reshaped according to my needs and I have been moving forward ever since in a way that is full of beauty, insights and wonders.
Mindo`s ability to read energy combined with his vast understanding of spiritual development and deep knowledge of the human psyche makes his personalized pointing`s so precise and accurate that they are bound to fuel and speed up your journey towards higher consciousness.
I am so grateful for the access I have to his teachings and wisdom both trough private sessions and what is publicized.
I connected with Master Mindo in june 2018 and It was a big breakthrough in my spiritual journey.
At that time I did not know how to move on and was really pessimistic about my life. I’ve had about two skype sessions with Master Mindo every month with guidance and deep meditations. These sessions is always very transforming and also fun.
After about a year I’ve been lifted up to a positive mindset and a new consciousness.
Master Mindo knows every step in detail on the road up through the different level of consciousness. This is a tremendous shortcut to a state of peace, love and happiness.
I strongly recommend the videos of Master Mindo as they explain all aspects of the spiritual journey and the different level of consciousness.

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