New Humanity Team

Mindo Damalis
Founder & President

Mindo started to share his message of raising consciousness of humanity and to teach publicly in 2012. As a result of that, the New Humanity Foundation was established and that is what he is tirelessly working on on a daily basis. His own awakening to Full Consciousness has lit up the path for many people to return to their Natural State. In his free time he likes to spend time with animals, to walk in nature and explore new scientific and technological developments. 

Lyonne Sundari
Co-founder & Secretary

Lyonne brings the feminine soft radiant energy into New Humanity Foundation. She transmits the devotional and feminine divine love consciousness. She started holding Goddess workshops and feminine healing circles in 2013. She studied extensively the yogic, tantric and taoist lineages. Lyonne founded Yoga of Now and is helping others to empower themselves in opening New Consciousness and working with energy. In her free time she likes to enjoy the play of life, dance and the beauty of nature.

Jan Lunde
Co-founder & Treasurer

Jan is currently a commercial director for a software development company with a MSc in Business Administration along with many years of entrepreneurial experience. Jan has benefited from the teachings of New Humanity School since 2016: "It is literally both life changing and life upgrading to be part of this organization and I feel privileged to contribute to its global growth as it is so directly and evidently helpful to every human being and subsequently our entire society." His main hobbies are music, enjoying life and realizations of truth.

Noëlle Kabel
Assistant to Mindo

Noëlle's work with New Humanity is described by other team members as "doing everything" or "bombarding the world with consciousness". Part of this includes video editing, writing, communication, and help with organization of events. She has a clear inner calling to be part of helping New Humanity. Noëlle furthermore has a background of raw food nutritionist, massage therapist and also has her own line of natural handmade skin care products. In her free time she likes to spend time in nature, cuddle animals, dance, relax and learn more about all that plays in the universe.

Marvin Winter

Marketing Manager

Marvin Winter helps New Humanity Foundation with marketing. He is inspired to create a more loving, peaceful and harmonious world by helping to raise the Consciousness of Humanity. Bringing his expertise from the corporate world (Apple, Gopro, Hahn Film, Pharm East) to New Humanity Foundation is rooted in his lifelong interest in Spirituality. Marvin loves to explore nature and ancient temple sites. He is an artist (painting) and passionate about ecstatic dance. Some of his interests and activities throughout his life include film making, (alternative) history, music composition, Atlantis, Chinese calligraphy, yoga, computer sciences and herbal medicine.

Martina Weissenbök

Foundation Manager in Austria

Dr. Martina Weissenbök is former chief economist of an Austrian bank and now education manager for strategic life-long learning projects. Within the New Humanity Team she is co-founder of the New Humanity Foundation in Austria. As a business coach, meditation and Yoga of Now teacher, she brings day-to-day impulses and learning nuggets to individuals with the aim to step by step regain their own power and live the highest potential. Martina loves to spend time with her family, gardening and being in nature.

Dieudonne Allo

Foundation Manager in South Africa

Dieudonne is the founder of Global Leading Light Initiative, South Africa – based non-profit established to support young people to identify and develop their natural gifts into products and services to enhance their own prosperity and that of their own communities. Dieudonne is a Yoga of the Now Teacher and currently coordinates activities of New Humanity Foundation in South Africa. Joining New Humanity Global was part of his divine plan in this lifetime and marked the beginning of a new life. In his free time he likes to explore nature and to swim.

David Larsen

Organizational Team Member

David comes from a background within sales, management and personal development. On a practical level he is involved in various e-commerce projects. On a spiritual level he teaches about the Levels of Consciousness and helps others to raise their own consciousness in order to live a life in Love and Cosmic Harmony. David finds enormous beauty in the Spirit of the New Humanity Project, and has made it his primary purpose to help it grow and spread its seeds all over the world. Free time is an unknown phenomenon for David as he is a father of 5 children. But fortunately he is always happy and delighted to share any moment he can with his family.

Renata Buskauskaite

Organizational Team Member

Renata’s mission is bringing harmony and balance in relation with life and oneself. Renata is helping with bringing the New Humanity School to Lithuania, participation in festivals and other initiatives. She is a Yoga of Now certified teacher and is uplifting people to transition to the New Humanity - Living the Life you Love. Renata loves adventure and enjoys alchemy of natural unfoldment of life. Strong connection with nature initiates her favorite hobbies of skiing, hiking, free diving, sailing and long walks exploring fauna and flora of Planet Earth.

Petra Komlossy

Social Media Assistant

Petra's work with New Humanity springs from her wish for deepening her connection with herself. It includes going beyond her own obstacles and easing into the self discovery and the discovery of how she can support or co-create something meaningful in this world. Petra studied and has a passion for Arts, Design, Brand Management and Sustainability. She finds lots of joy in being in nature, skiing, swimming, hiking, painting, music and dancing. She adores learning and discovering unseen places on Mother Earth.


An International School founded in the Islands of Malta, providing education about Levels of Consciousness, Effective Practices and integrating New Science for the New Era of Humanity.


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