Healing Course for Women Level 1, Part 2

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Embark Upon a Powerful Journey to Activate, Reclaim & Access Your Sacred Feminine Wisdom! During this healing course, you will receive transmissions, activations, and codes of wisdom through the Sundari Lineage Sisterhood of the Rose.

This course is for you if you are looking to upgrade your energetic skills, healing gifts, and energy transmissions. You will learn how to hold space for healing, and support other women to reconnect with their hearts and wombs. This course will help you to recover past wounds, the disconnection from the womb, and yoni so that you can reconnect with the creative force. Learn to Awaken the life force and Sexual Energy, clear inner limitations, and cultivate a new way of being.

Restore the feminine force within you and share these transmissions and sacred work with other women so that women learn to transmit beauty and love to all of humanity, restoring the world's great dysfunction. These healing arts are energetically based. Thus this work entails working with feminine codes and sexual energy, opening the subtle energy channels, and learning powerful tools for storing energy. These practices are taught in a creative feminine way!

At Level 1, Part 2 you will learn:

* Demonstration, Introductory talk, Transmission, and guidance.

* One on One training healing session

* Q&A and sharing

* Ovarian breathing and healing

* Healing Sound & Light Therapy

* Womb Energetic Clearing

* Energy Transmission

* Awakening the yoni (female sexual organs)

* Sexual energy breathwork

* Initiation

Format: Video
Duration: 1:06:05

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