Activation of The Twelve Strands of DNA Meditation

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This meditation will assist in repairing the DNA that has become damaged and manipulated over time. We can repair and restore the DNA structure to align to our highest expression of life, as well as to be of service to the Law of One and the natural way. Living through so many past lives in distortion, and having the DNA structure manipulated and reversed engineered has created a sense of separation from Source Consciousness. This has split the Soul-Self into fragments. We are asked to transmute and dismantle all of the lower frequencies during this ascension process and align ourselves through deeper energetics to connect and align with Source Consciousness.

Lyonne Sundari is a fully realized teacher whose life is dedicated to healing, raising consciousness, and bringing Loving Presence into everyday life. Her meditations carry a strong energetic frequency of Loving Presence that acts as a boost to help quicken your spiritual evolution. Along with Master Mindo, she offers integrative Yoga of Now teacher training and international retreats.

Duration: 27:54

Format: Video

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