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New Humanity Foundation’s Research and Development project is an innovative scientific research initiative which aims to establish the effectiveness of high vibrational technology devices in accelerating the development of human consciousness. 

What are Vibrational Healing Technologies?

Vibrational healing technologies are the new paradigm of holistic scientific research which is based on the concept that everything in life and matter is made up of vibration and energy. Vibrational technologies deliver powerful healing, with no negative side effects and at very low cost. Reliable studies prove its efficiency. Much of the vibrational technologies already exist, and are accepted by Holistic Practitioners.

New Humanity Foundation’s Research and Development facility is currently testing vibrational health technologies and studying the effects of increasing their capacity for raising the Levels of Consciousness. With the aim to improve the existing technologies and innovate the new ones. 

Devita BRT

This BRT device completely reverses and eliminates disorganized frequencies produced by the body, which is usually immediately perceived by the user and leads to the restriction and elimination (after continued use) of the organism's inflammatory processes. The use of the device is so simple that anyone can use it and no special knowledge is required for it. Just at the touch of a button!

DeVita BRT is completely safe, because it works only with human's own electromagnetic oscillations. Using the principle of inversion, the device promotes self-destruction of pathological oscillations.

Neo Rhythm

Neo Rhythm features five inverted coils, strategically placed across the comfortable headband, to produce harmless electromagnetic fields that emit waves in patterns that your mind seeks to imitate. 


Encourages our brain to mimic external signals provided by a device.

Our brains take a cue from the movement of the train and mirror the rhythm. The result is that your state of mind shifts into preferred one.

OMI Pads

Bathes the entire body, and all its internal systems, in a pulsed electromagnetic field, using a complex “sawtooth” signal. The mat’s field is further modulated by a cycle of natural earth-based frequencies (determined by the time of day), including the Schumann Resonance. Using an additional layer of carbon fibre mesh, the Hybrid mat is the first of its kind to combine a pure PEMF signal (used as a carrier for a spread of frequencies).


Muse is a state-of-the-art EEG system that uses advanced signal processing algorithms. It detects a range of brain electrical activity and transforms it into easily understandable experiences. 

The Muse app decomposes raw brainwave signals into their component oscillations, non-periodic characteristics, transient brain events, and noise, and uses techniques developed through machine learning to make the experience responsive, in real time.
Muse makes it easy to access and use brainwave data, inside and outside the laboratory and in real-world environments.

Denas PCM

DENAS-PСM is dynamic electroneurostimulation device - an excellent tool with a choice of different frequencies. 
Depending on the selected frequency you can get different therapeutic effects. Some frequencies are in demand for the treatment of pain syndromes, others - for normalization of pressure, the third - to relieve inflammation, etc. In addition, the models are equipped with special preventive programs, and many modes to assess the effectiveness of treatment and identify problem areas.
The lead is a conductor that carries electrical currents to the electrode, which interfaces directly with the excitable tissue.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser

In the process of cell division and renewal, bodies are loaded by extranuclear electrons that migrates constantly at a high speed by emitting electromagnetic waves without interruption. These emitted electromagnetic signals by the human body are the signature whether it is healthy or unhealthy. Quantum analyzer is a new instrument to analyze this phenomenon.

Simply taking a sensor in the palm of your hand, data on various health systems of the body are collected in a few minutes. 


Sensate is a revolutionary way to tone your vagus nerve and tap into all of the health benefits that people typically experience as a result. 
Sensate synchronises infrasound vibrations with hemispheric audio to provide a full body sensory experience that lowers stress, reduces anxiety, improves focus and augments mental resilience. 

The foundation of the Sensate experience is a collection of musical soundscapes. The resonating hum of the device works on  vagus nerve through the science of bone conduction. 

Chi Generator JU1000

Abundant and clean life force generates a feeling of wellbeing and harmony, as we feel in nature. It is undoubtedly, an excellent way to protect your family from the Electrosmog because reduces the impact of electromagnetic pollution on the body and strengthens the cells with vital force. 

Why technology?

Human consciousness is rapidly evolving, and so is technology. Many technological devices have been invented over the past 30 years for healing and general well-being. Many of these technologies have been  medically and scientifically validated to support physical, mental health and emotional well-being. 

Raising consciousness is the foundation of future development of humanity. Given the connection between emotional, mental and physical health on the one hand, and self-awareness and consciousness on the other hand, there is a need to explore the effects of these technologies on development of human consciousness. 
This is why New Humanity Foundation is embarking on numerous tests and studies to establish the effectiveness of high vibrational technology devices in accelerating the development of consciousness in human beings. 

Our aim is to discover the visible connection and validations of effectiveness, so that our research would usher in a new era in the use of technology to alleviate human suffering.


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