Nervous System & Grounding

When we work with Consciousness, much focus is placed on Opening Consciousness to come
back closer to your own True Nature.
The second process takes place when your energy system starts to adjust to the new level of
The third process is called Integration. Your nervous system plays a key role in the stabilization of the
New Consciousness and integration with your physical body.

Your nervous system comprises your spine, brain, and nerves stretching throughout the
whole body. It processes electrical signals, and these signals are traveling through the nerves. The
nerves are composed of neurons and cells. It is a vast network of neuron pathways.
Unfortunately, due to past experiences, these neuron pathways have been blocked and disconnected
from the healthy pathways. This is why it is said that the human brain processes only 10% of its
capacity. And Full Consciousness is only open 4% for the average human being.

Nervous system and Full Consciousness

If your nervous system would be fully open and unblocked if the electricity and light would flow
absolutely everywhere through your nervous system, you would already be Enlightened.
Enlightenment is about bringing the light into your inner self, into every neuron pathway. That which
has been damaged is restored, and that which has been hidden is revealed.

So it is not about experiences. It is about opening Full Consciousness and allowing that to flow
through your whole energy system, all your chakras, spine, and the whole nervous system. It is about
your ability to sustain Higher Consciousness, and that is why your nervous system is so important.

Ways to strengthen the nervous system
● Five Tibetan Rites
● Pranayama Breathing Exercises
● To use super nutritional supplements
● To receive transmissions of higher voltage energy and consciousness
● To use New technology devices for nervous system healing
● Nervous system meditations

Your Nervous System Capacity Determines Your Ability to Sustain a High Vibration

Open Your Quantum Brain & Optimize Your