About Lyonne Sundari

“ Selfless Loving Awareness…..

IS The Path of The Heart”


Lyonne is a Fully Realized Teacher and an embodiment of

Loving Presence. She is a Co-Founder of the New Humanity

School. Selfless Loving Awareness is your Birthright!

At the New Humanity School we offer effective practices that

serve to speed up your evolution.

Her transmissions have a special quality of Loving Presence,

which is both powerful and radiant, melting and meeting with your

heart. Lyonne teaches you a powerful way to unconditionally remain

in your deepest heart so that you can gradually dissolve your painful

addiction to your identity. 


Lyonne Sundari works with the foundational knowledge of consciousness evolution

based on Master Mindo’s teachings. Inspired by the Map of Spirituality and Levels of Consciousness she has developed a unique approach to consciousness based on the  Heart’s Evolution. Through her non-dual teachings and transmissions she has helped many people raise their level of consciousness, creating very evident positive results in their lives.

Lyonne invites you to Surrender into the IS-ness of life.To know your deepest heart and realise THAT which is always here, ever loving and radiant. 


Additionally, Lyonne offers global Satsangs, one-on-one spiritual guidance, online events and courses. In addition, together with Master Mindo she offers integrative Yoga of Now teacher trainings and international retreats. 

Lyonne Sundari :
Spiritual Guidance : Empowerment, Inner Light and Love Initiations, Presence awakening, Self-Inquiry, Divine Love Transmissions, Loving Awareness.
Yoga of Now Teacher Trainer E-RYT 500 : Kriya, Pranayama, Asana, Meditation.
Energetic Healing Sessions : Energy Healing Session, Chakra Opening and Balancing, Kundalini Attunements, DNA upgrades, Soul Retrieval, Goddess Initiations, Divine Love Transmissions & Trauma Healing.
Sexual Energy Healing Yoni Crystal Eggs Initiations, Womb Energetic Clearing, Reiki, Energy healing sessions, Trauma Healing.
Events : Retreats world wide, Goddess Essence Teacher Training Courses, Yoga of Now Teacher Training Courses, Satsang, Planetary Healing and Online Courses.
2015 - 2020
Mindo Damalis has been Lyonne`s teacher, twin flame and life partner for the past 5 years.
It has been a very intensive journey of energy work, Self-Enquiry  practice and openings of Consciousness.  With all his guidance, transmissions, support and love, Lyonne has opened from the Oneness Consciousness to Full Consciousness Self-Realization. She is deeply grateful for his guidance and teachings. She shares knowledge and transmissions of the Divine Feminine and teaches about the 12 States of The Heart.
2010 - 2015
Lyonne has had the opportunity to develop along her path with the study and embodiment of the teachings of:
     Ashtanga Yoga Teacher 200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified, Thailand.
     Tantra Yoga, Ananda Marga, Malta.
     Hatha Yoga & Tantra, 800Hrs, Agama Yoga, Thailand.
     Satsang with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, India.
     Courses, 60Hrs at The Art of Living Ashram, India
     Integral Yoga with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, India.
     Taoism Tao Tantra - 200Hr TTC, Lineage of the Great Master Mantak Chia, Chinese Traditions.
     Reiki Practitioner 
     Avanced Energy Healer
     Theta Healing
     Shakti Spirit in Feminine Arts, 150Hr TTC , Thailand​​
2001 - 2010
Lyonne practiced and achieved a black belt in Martial Arts. She also adventured in climbing one of the highest free standing mountains of the world, Kilimanjaro in Africa in aid to collect funds for building a hospital and orphanage in Ethiopia. It was named after one of her closest friends that passed away in a tragic accident "Wayne Clinic".​


An International School founded in the Islands of Malta, providing education about Levels of Consciousness, Effective Practices and integrating New Science for the New Era of Humanity.



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