LOCs of Past & Present Teachers

Spiritual teachers may be on different Levels of Consciousness, therefore it is important to research their teachings and to see what fruits they bring, for example, there might be a spiritual teacher at the LOC 700, the first step of enlightenment and he or she might be matured and settled in and the fruits might be bountiful. Another teacher might be in the 800s or 900s who just started to teach and have not matured yet, so therefore one cannot judge a teacher by the level of consciousness alone.

You should take time to get to know the spiritual teacher, to become familiar with their teachings, to understand the depth of their teachings, and most importantly, to see the fruits of their teachings, for example how many other people have they helped to awaken? Sometimes it happens that there is a very large community, but nobody’s really awakening and sometimes there is a small community, but everybody is awakening.

-The Level of Consciousness DO NOT compare how good one or another teacher is, it DOES NOT compare their teachings
-We can not compare only by LOC Buddha with Jesus, Dalai Lama with Mahatma Gandhi or Echkart Tolle with Amma.
-LOC only indicates Level of Consciousness and NOT what one does with it or achieves in their life or how they contribute to society.
-Nervous System Integration means at what energy level the teacher’s nervous system is operating and responding to moment-to-moment experiences.
-The below list is being continuously updated. Feel free to send us your suggestions via the contact us page.


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