Shame - Level of Consciousness 20

• Wish to be invisible
• Close to death
• Might lead to active or passive suicide
• Feeling of Banishment
• Can come from abusive past experiences
• Destructive to emotional and psychological health
• Shy, introverted, low self-esteem personality
• Can lead to cruel behavior
• Produces neurosis, paranoia, hallucinations
• Level of criminal psychopaths (the most severe and often
permanent inhabitants of this level, usually unwilling to be helped)
• Shamed children are cruel to animals and other children
• People can become perfectionists and be very intolerant

Shame is the lowest of the emotions on the Levels of Consciousness scale. While very few people permanently live at this level, almost everyone carries some shame that lowers their overall level of consciousness. Shame is one of the underlying emotions when one is in a state of despair, hopelessness, or deep depression. Traumatic childhood experiences that have gone unprocessed create pockets of shame in the system which lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, and encourage lower behaviors to compensate, such as extreme withdrawal or lashing out at others. Prolonged drug abuse can lower a person to this state, where they may experience paranoia, hallucinations, and psychotic behavior.

The following are indicators of unprocessed shame:

The key to healing shame is to allow the emotion to come into awareness so it can be seen and processed. There are many resources available to assist in healing shame and raising one’s consciousness.

Some books that may be helpful include:

Book placeholder.jpg
Book placeholder.jpg
Book placeholder.jpg

Meditations that support this LOC:

Video Placeholder.jpg

Children are Best Teachers! Healing Your Inner Child Practice

Video Placeholder.jpg

Journey Into The Heart Guided Meditation

Video Placeholder.jpg

Chakra Meditation with Lyonne Sundari

Music that supports this LOC:

Video Placeholder.jpg

Mozart 432 Hz

Video Placeholder.jpg

Meditation music in 432 Hz

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

The NeoRythym headset aids in stress relief, slowing brainwaves and inducing relaxation.

Several other helpful technologies can be found here:


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