Fear - Level of Consciousness 100

• Life can be seen as threatening
• Can become obsessive, like constant worrying
• Limits personal growth, puts many walls and defensiveness
• It’s a closed state of being
• Leads to chronic stress and anxiety
• Used to control the masses
• Can result in paranoia and neurosis
• Very hard to reach a higher level without help
• More life energy available than lower levels
• Fear stimulates many activities

Fear is one of the most easily recognized human emotions. Fear is built into the animal brain as a survival mechanism. In humans this mechanism can be very useful to alert one to danger in the environment and prompt one to take action to remove or avoid the danger. It only becomes a problem when the human mind creates fear based emotions on imagined possibilities of the future, as well as mistaken signals of danger, usually based on trauma, in the present.

Fear is the first of the lower emotional states where one has energy. The states below this are exhausting and draining, but the feeling of fear can prompt one to action. Fear can take many forms, such as anxiety, dread, paranoia, shyness, worry, and panic. Almost everyone experiences those feelings temporarily, but as a predominant level of consciousness fear can be very limiting, creating a life of chronic anxiety, obsessive thinking, defensiveness and paranoia. Fear is the most common emotion employed for large scale social control and suppression of consciousness, thus it is of utmost importance to learn how to overcome fear with light and truth.

The following are indicators of unprocessed fear:

Bringing attention into the body and feeling more space around the area of fear is one way to transcend fear. Since fear usually results from the mind projecting into an imagined future outcome, pulling the mind into the body and the present moment has a soothing and healing effect.

Some books that may be helpful include:

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Book placeholder.jpg
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Meditations that support this LOC:

Video Placeholder.jpg

How to Overcome Victimhood Consciousness by Lyonne Sundari

Video Placeholder.jpg

Body Scan Practice: Meditation to Release Stress by Master Mindo

Music that supports this LOC:

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Brain Calming Music

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Inner Peace Music to Calm the Mind

New technology is available to heal and retrain the brain and body: 

Muse is a state-of-the-art EEG system that uses advanced signal processing algorithms. It detects a range of brain electrical activity and transforms it into easily understandable experiences.

The Muse app decomposes raw brainwave signals into their component oscillations, non-periodic characteristics, transient brain events, and noise, and uses techniques developed through machine learning to make the experience responsive, in real time.
Muse makes it easy to access and use brainwave data, inside and outside the laboratory and in real-world environments.


Several other helpful technologies can be found here:



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