High Vibrational Health

High Vibrational Health provides ways to raise your vibration with the help of certain frequency raising supplements, high vibrational diet, and detox programs.


Supplements ~ from the latin word supplementum, what means addition ~ can play a huge role in the life of aware people. Since humanity exists supplements are used and appreciated highly. These days they are available for nearly everyone which is really fortunate. 


Not only can the right supplementation have a major impact in the value of daily nutrition and health. They as well have the quality to be a relevant influence in the given vibrational state and support the evolution of consciousness.

Ulrik Böhmer

Email: Kontakt@ulrikboehmer.de
Phone: +4917632037046

Ulrik is a certified medical nutritionist and trained fasting guide from Germany. He helps people to lose weight long term, harmonize emotional eating habits and to detox the body adequately. His work conveys joy regarding the behaviour of consumption and consciousness in the world of food and health. The daily choice of food items and supplements directly affects the conscious state of being. For this purpose we created this pyramid to offer an orientation in the abundance of nowadays opportunities. An individual approach and compilation regarding the life circumstances of a person, their constitution of health and the level of consciousness might be appropriate. Ulrik is always free to contact if you have any question about fasting, nutrition or detox.

Noëlle Kabel

Email: kabelnoelle@gmail.com

Phone: +31 6 49797441

Noëlle has been studying and working with different diets, such as raw food, gluten free, lactose free, fruitarian and living on light diets. She was working as a raw food chef for several health food stores, with elaborate knowledge about fresh juicing and supplements. She had a her own company and collaborated with Ayurvedic chefs and several nutritionists. She was giving workshops and lectures throughout the country and abroad, helping others to change their nutritional diets. Now Noëlle is available for personal advice to help get more in tune with your own body and its wants and needs, because your body is your best advisor. Her focus is on creating a healthier lifestyle in a fun, tasty and easy way.

More information about High Vibrational Supplements & where to buy

Supplements vary in their importance, frequency of usage and necessary dosage. We listed the ones that we see as most important, with a link to where you can find more detailed information and buy them at the best quality.


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