Emotional Enquiry Practice

This practice removes the walls of resistance to any feeling, especially a difficult and uncomfortable feeling that you feel. And right away, these questions settle you in the right relationship with that emotion.
This can be done with any emotion, anger, resistance, sadness, etc.

This emotional enquiry practice should be like a contemplative meditation going into meditation. It's not a mental or quick thing to do. You need to dedicate at least 20 minutes to do this kind of enquiry and spend at least 10-20 minutes with that feeling. Feeling more space around it. You can do this practice anytime, anywhere. You will need it all the way to LOC 1000, even in 1000, when all kinds of new energies arise.

Step 1: Ask yourself: What is my feeling now?

Step 2: Can I allow this feeling to be here? For example, sadness. The question ‘Can I allow
it?’ immediately removes the wall of resistance.

Step 3: Can I be with it? Feeling more space around it. And then feel more space and peace
around that feeling for about 10 minutes.


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