Path of The Heart Transmissions

with Lyonne Sundari 

Lyonne Sundari is guided by a very special soul that works very closely with her and the community. Anandamayi Ma - the Blissful Mother - is an enlightened being; a widely acknowledged avatar who lived in India and who lives on in the realm of spirit. Lyonne has a direct relationship with Anandamayi Ma, who Lyonne sees as her spiritual mother.

Ma has imparted much spiritual wisdom to Lyonne Sundari and supports her directly during her meetings. A beacon of light, Anandamayi Ma is channelled through Lyonne during special transmissions that directly convey Ma’s blessings. This great Divine Heart enveloped in bliss and pure consciousness melts or shakes up those ready to meet Her. Meanwhile, Anandamayi Ma continues to hone Lyonne Sundari’s ability to extend this devotional transmission and message to humanity:  surrender to the Divine GodSelf within!  

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