New Humanity School Ambassadors

The New Humanity School Ambassadors are New Humanity School certified teachers with specific specializations in different fields. They represent and proliferate the New Humanity School's views through their teachings such as High Vibrational Health, Personality Types, and a wide array of healing modalities. The New Humanity School Ambassadors are available for private consultations; you can attend their workshops and daily events online or in person.


Rustan Peterson



Phone: +45 25774579

Rustan has a big passion and focuses on studying the wisdom of the Enneagram for developing self-acceptance and self-awareness and to understand how the 9 different types of the Enneagram act and interact. He was guided to Mindo’s teaching and New Humanity School in 2018. The teachings and online sessions with Mindo have accelerated his spiritual journey tremendously. Before that, he has been doing training as a healer, in various breathwork practices like Rebirthing, Transformational Breath, Source Breath, and Kundalini yoga. Also, tools to release traumatic experiences have been an interest for some years. His hobbies are listening to music, reading spiritual books, winter swimming, and bicycling in Nature.


Angie Mifsud

EFT Practitioner


Phone: +356 99191870

Angie has developed a passion for Energy Psychology in 2014, where she used these techniques for her own healing. She is a certified New Humanity Meditation Teacher as well as certified as an Energy Psychology practitioner, trained by Dawson Church Ph.D. She is also certified in PSYCH-K®️, a technique developed to rapidly change your belief system, being trained by Health and Wellbeing Director Ducio Locati. She delivers workshops and one on one sessions. She loves being a mum to her 1-year boy. She is also passionate about scuba diving and travel.


Mechele Tison

Levels of Consciousness


Mechele's interest in New Humanity began with the desire to raise her own consciousness and evolved into the understanding that higher consciousness is available to everyone. She has studied the Levels of Consciousness for many years, beginning with the material of Dr. David Hawkins, and continuing with Master Mindo.  She offers support for those who are desiring to raise their consciousness and to evolve spiritually. She is a New Humanity School Meditation Teacher and is involved in expanding The New Humanity School into the United States.  Mechele lives with her family in The Woodlands, Texas.