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"Bright as the Sun, Sharp as a Lightning"
Mindo is an Enlightened teacher helping others to reach Non-Duality, Enlightenment, and Full Consciousness. His unique Full Consciousness Transmission has allowed over 550 people to permanently raise their Consciousness Levels, some of them realizing Enlightenment and returning to the Full Consciousness.
Mindo offers crystal clear insights into Enlightenment and the Levels of Consciousness (LOC), supporting and guiding you through every aspect of the journey and the process of awakening.
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We are dedicated to making the teachings available to all, and therefore we offer scholarships to those who do not have the finances to afford a Meeting or Retreat.

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We commit to providing much free content to our community. Hundreds of videos and effective practices, along with complete knowledge about the Levels of Consciousness, are available for everyone. We work daily on accomplishing this. Along with our commitment to sharing the teachings widely, we commit to quality. Our staff and many volunteers devote a great deal of time and attention to making sure that everything we do reflects these teachings' clarity and heart. Your donations are an important part of this.

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We are broadly setting up New Humanity Centers around the world. Your contribution makes it possible to share the teachings in person everywhere.
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Enlightenment Re-Realization
It was in 2014, at the physical age of 29 that Mindo has re-realized the first state of Enlightenment (LOC 700). Mindo has not met any physical Enlightened teachers or Gurus prior to that, however he received Grace and Blessings from countless Enlightened beings, Avatars and Ascended Masters in the higher realm to allow the re-realization of Awareness to occur.
Mindo was mainly influenced by Mahavatar Babaji, Serapis Bey, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Ramana Maharshi and Papaji who blessed and supported his journey into Self-Realization of Full Consciousness (LOC 1000) in 2016 at the age of 30, just before his 31st birthday.
Current Positions
Currently Mindo is a Founder of New Humanity Foundation, a Founder of New Humanity School International, Director of ShareGood, Co-Founder of Stress Free Center & Float Spa Gozo and a Founder of New Humanity Civilization Initiative.
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New Humanity School
2016 May - Accomplishment of the First Global Mission: 
Activation of the Land of Greece
It was in 2016 May when Mindo was travelling in Greece with his Twin Flame Lyonne Sundari where he recalled his previous lifetime in Athens as the Great Philosopher Aristotle. A few days later they travelled to the temple of Poseidon where Master Mindo re-awakened the temple on the hill with the help of Lyonne Sundari, which in turn has jump-started the energy Ley-lines of all land of Greece.
Activation of all temples and Ley-lines of Greece was an important event for activation-integration with the European Energy Grid of Light. This was crucial for the Planetary Grid of Light completion at the end of 2016.
Prior to that, Mindo has activated many sacred mountains and vortexes around the world, has cleared large areas or lands, Islands and even whole Countries of the lowest vibrational energies for the preparation of Planetary Grid of Light Activation. The scope and responsibility of this work can only be attributed to Physical Ascended Masters currently living on Earth.
2018 August & 2019 January - Accomplishment of the Second Global Mission:
Awakening the "Collective Humanity’s Mass Consciousness" into the Level of 400
Mindo assisted in awakening the "Collective Humanity’s Mass Consciousness" into the Level of 400 in August 2018 and then into LOC 440 on January 21st 2019. This was the completion of the First step of Planerary Ascension Process.
Mindo and his worldwide community were counterbalancing Consciousness of over 75 million people on Earth.
2019 - Teaching Meditation & Satsang Teachers
In 2019 Mindo started to give a formal Meditation Teacher Training Course (see more info) to the students who are awakened to Inner Light as a minimum requirement. Some more advanced students of Mindo started to give public Satsangs (see more info).
2019 August - Growing Global Influence
In August 2019 while visiting the European Alps mountain range in Austria, Mindo received an honor and responsibility to take care of the European energy system and the spiritual/consciousness aspects of it's population. In September 2019 while visiting the Heart center of the Earth in Glastonbury, UK it was confirmed again that this responsibility and honor was indeed bestowed from the higher realms of existence, following the lineage of the true heavenly order on Earth.   
2020 January 11/12 - Global Consciousness Unity and more Positive Global Timeline
In January 2020, the rare planetary alignments have created a window of opportunity during which the Collective Mass Consciousness of Humanity has uplifted to LOC 480. Mindo together with New Humanity School Team and students around the world have contributed greatly to this event by organizing a global group meditation. During this event an unprecedented unity of consciousness took place among all people who hold the light for this earth that resulted in a great shift of Global Timeline, for a more positive future for all. 
2020 September 23 - Birth of the New Humanity Civilization Initiative
In September 2020, important positive timeline landmark events took place and the New Humanity Civilization Initiative was born. Mindo has envisioned the role of New Humanity Foundation as a supporting and guiding organization for the birth of New Humanity Civilization which is a Uniting and Open Initiative with the aim to create a New, Open, Beautiful, Conscious and Advanced Civilization as a next evolutionary step of Humanity.
2020 December 21 - Age of Aquarius Activation & Christed Timeline Strengthening
On December 21 the Age of Aquarius has dawned and a new cosmic cycle has begun. For a period of 15 seconds a very strong pulse of pure galactic Love energy has reached the surface of the planet from M 87 galaxy, clearing a large portion of remaining anomalies. The Christed timeline correction has intensified and many fallen beings have been identified. Even though 2020 has been a bumpy ride, but Victory of Light is assured and we will soon witness the rising of the New Civilization!


An International School founded in the Islands of Malta, providing education about Levels of Consciousness, Effective Practices and integrating New Science for the New Era of Humanity.


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